Create 720 degree VR images at 8K resolution and 32 MP, right from your smartphone
Our cutting edge technology is built on 10+ years of R&D. theVRkit TM corrects colors, reduces blur, and stitches your images, so you get stunning immersive images, navigable in all directions.

Processing happens right on your phone, so you don’t have to worry about external equipment, server, or data connections.
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One kit, 3 easy steps, 3 seconds.
For 720 degrees of VR magic, from any smartphone
Install theVRkit app & turn your phone bluetooth on.
Clip the lens on your phone camera. You can make handheld shots or use the rotator for precise capture.
Click on the app to take 720 VR images & share them instantly.
For the last couple of years, we have diligently examined every lens and every rotator we could get our hands on. When we couldn’t find any high quality components at an accessible price point, we used top notch material, manufacturing and technologies to design theVRkit.
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Partners In Virtual Reality
This is quite remarkable … now anyone, anywhere, anytime can shoot an HDR, 360, 8K and upload it anywhere.
I am literally shivering...knowing that I can use my smartphone and create magic”.

- Dan Simgrod -
Founder and CEO “We Get Around Network Forum”
Creating a realistic survey of an environment quickly, offline and at high quality is core to our business. And doing this at an affordable price is crucial to scaling this solution to the thousands of field agents we have. theVRkit is exactly what we needed. We couldn’t be happier

- R. A. -
CIO of a US market leader in retail and facilities management

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